Welcome to GlastoHub!

“Legend tells of the enchanted city that appears for just five days a year at midsummer in the flowering meadows of the Vale of Avalon. And 'tis said that there may be found entrancing music, amazing spectacles and wonders beyond compare…”

Every Glastonbury Festival year, Worthy Farm becomes home to thousands of Glasto-goers. Some have been (many) times before, and some are new to the whole experience.

The newcomers to the festival will be looking for as much info, advice and help as they can find - while the veterans will be wanting to allay their constant Glasto craving and be more than happy to help out in true Glastonbury Spirit.

Whether you’re looking for advice and guidance on what to expect, want to meet new people to camp with, or just discuss Glastonbury to your heart’s content - while sharing the excitement, thoughts, feelings and emotions, or any other general opinions you may have about the festival - This is the place for you!

‘glastohub’ was created by long-time Glasto-going-veterans - having received so much from the festival over the years, we decided that this platform would be our way of giving back to the community.

We envisioned this hub as being dedicated solely to Glastonbury Festival and everything it stands for as a place to promote discussion and interactivity while sharing knowledge to help all past, present and future Glasto-goers make the most of their Glastonbury experience.

We eat, sleep, live and breathe Glastonbury (perhaps not so different from you).

Everyone who has ever been to Glastonbury knows it is much more than just a music festival. It is a way of life, nothing less.

This is your hub and our community - welcome to ‘GlastoHub’!

Feel free to get started by >> introducing yourself to the community.