Paul McCartney: “The thing I like about Glastonbury is the ley lines”

Paul McCartney discussed his upcoming Glastonbury 2020 performance in an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Sarah Montague, on the World at One show earlier today (December 12).

While on the show, in addition to speaking about Global Warming and Chrismas songs, when asked whether he would get nervous playing at Glastonbury next year – seeing that it will be the Festival’s 50th anniversary – Macca said: “Could be […] what I do when I have something like that, that I consider a big thing […] I’m doing ten concerts before it, so to get up to speed,”

“You don’t get an athlete just coming into the Olympics not having done a few races beforehand,” he added.

The former Beatle also mentioned that one of the things he likes about Glastonbury is actually the “ley lines… and all of that,”

“I’ve got a friend who’s very ‘yeah… man…’, he’s into all that… ‘did you know it’s on the ley lines? They all cross and they intercept at Glastonbury’ – so I kinda like that” he said.

Asked by Montague, what’s different about it [Glastonbury] being on the ley lines when you’re there performing – “It’s magical. You get transformed into a magical being…” McCartney replied jokingly while adding “no, I don’t know… It’s fun, it just adds to the fun really,”

According to some reports, Glastonbury is said to lie on a ‘ley line’ – part of an implied network of impressionistic significance said to run across the land in straight, intersecting lengths not unlike a cobweb.

You can listen to the full interview now on BBC Sounds, with the Glastonbury discussions starting at 24:40. :point_down:

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