Not to be missed

If you had to pick one area to absolutely blow my mind in Glastonbury where would it be?


Mine has to be The Park. That moment when you walk up to the top of the hill at dusk and witness darkness fall, just to see the whole site light up in front of you… Pure magic.

Not to mention the open air stages and late-night bars, the art installations, tipi village, and that gorgeous illuminated Ribbon Tower that looks out over the entire site! :star_struck:


I totally agree… The park at dusk. Magical.


I would agree again that the park is the best area at glasto, the view above the park is amazing, it’s a magical vibe and really captures all that glasto is about for me. I must say the rabbit hole is pretty epic the first time you go completely captivated me the first time I went it :sparkling_heart: